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The most capable quadruped robotic dog out there. With hundreds of hours of Real Life experience helping global companies solve complex problems, Moose stands out in the crowd. Whether it be inspection for Power or Oil & Gas facilities, security patrol for a compound, or digital-twin mapping for your facility, Moose can be customized for your unique application. 

Feature Rich

Impressive Pedigree

Moose has already been operational in real-world environments with companies across markets. From power systems, to oil and gas, to construction, and even public safety. 

With real-world exposure comes real-world optimization. Moose has been there and done that, and it shows in the impressive design and capabilities.

Chat with us to see how we can customize Moose to fit your real-world application and help you solve real-world challenges.

Power Inspection

Moose is deployed at a number of substations, power plants, and underground cable tunnels worldwide. By helping to offset the labour associated with manual, high intensity inspections, clients save time and money and operate in all weather and environmental conditions.

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