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Step into the future with the BUBS platform from Real Life Robotics – a groundbreaking leap in autonomous technology that is redefining the landscape of cargo and last-mile delivery. Imagine a world where sleek, AI-powered robots seamlessly navigate through any environment, delivering goods with unparalleled precision and efficiency. The BUBS platform is a dynamic solution that blends cutting-edge artificial intelligence, unparalleled scalability, and real-time adaptability. 

A Platform Like No Other

Great People, Great Product, Great Support

Real Life Robotics is changing the way companies manage labour.


Many businesses are struggle to find consistent, reliable, and cost-effective human resources, so they look to automation to fill the gap.


At Real Life Robotics, we build more than just robots. Engineered in Canada, we create unique delivery solutions for clients focused on innovation. Our customer-obsessed team and consultative approach allows you to build your delivery solution tailored to your business needs.

Long Lasting

With an on-board lithium ion battery and battery management system, BUBS provides operation up to 3 hours per charge. Optional wireless charging system available.

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