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We Are Live!

Cameron Waite

Mar 20, 2023

Out of Stealth - Here we come World!

There are a couple words that are super important to me. Those words are EARN and HUMBLE. For those that know me, you've heard me talk about them before. They are a part of my core, and I've always brought them to my teams.I'm really excited to announce my next adventure.

The launch of Real Life Robotics. Its been an incredibly humbling experience over the last year and I can't want to see where it goes.I believe strongly in earning the right to do business with my clients. At Real Life Robotics we believe it too.

Learn more at or email me at

Thank you for your support and advice on this journey Peter King Philip Reece Jim Beretta Jay Watson Jay Krishnan Ellyn Winters-Robinson APRWilliam Wybrow Robert Farnham Jackie Lauer Arron Griffiths Andy Buck Fazley Shabab Chowdhury Mike Peasgood Khaled El-SayedChantal Klasen

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