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Supercharging the Real Life Robotics Team

Cameron Waite

Feb 1, 2024

Unveiling Our Tech Dynamo: Dr. Brandon J DeHart as Real Life Robotics' New CTO!

🚀 Excitement is buzzing in the circuits at Real Life Robotics as we proudly announce the addition of Dr. Brandon J DeHart to our rocketing team! Brandon steps into the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), steering our tech ship into uncharted realms.

Coding Credentials and Tech Wizardry: Meet Brandon, armed with a BASc, MASc, and PhD – all battle-tested in the tech trenches at the University of Waterloo. As a Mechatronics grad from the second graduating class of 2009, he's part of the DNA that makes our startup spirit tick.

Tron Vibes and Innovation Fever: A veteran of the UW '09 Trons cohort, Brandon shares lineage with the masterminds behind Clearpath, OTTO (now a Rockwell superstar), and other robot tech titans from the vibrant Waterloo Region. But that's not all – he's the founding manager of the University of Waterloo's prestigious RoboHub, the epicenter of robotics innovation and home to a global fleet of robots.

PhD Prowess and Robo-Magic: Brandon isn’t just about degrees; he's about pushing the limits. His MASc delves into Cellular Automata and Embedded Control Systems, while his PhD dives deep into Dynamic Balance and Stepping Metrics for Humanoid Robots.

Patents, Papers, and Prototype Poetry: Hold on to your circuits; Brandon's been in the patent game, earning his stripes on the Research in Motion (now Blackberry) teams, including the original BBM app. Published in IEEE conferences and journals, his ideas don't just stay in the lab – they dance on the cutting edge.

Academic Allure and Mentorship Might: While strutting his tech stuff at the University of Waterloo, Brandon's also donned the hat of Professor and Instructor, spreading the gospel of robotics, ethics, and controls. He's not just a tech maestro; he's a mentor, guiding the future tech maestros.

Joining the Real Life Robotics Revolution: Why Real Life Robotics? Because Brandon's not just joining a company; he's diving headfirst into a movement. As our CTO, he's set to turbocharge our innovation engine, bringing a mix of academia, industry prowess, and startup grit to our tech table.

Welcome to the Real Life Robotics Galaxy: Let's roll out the digital red carpet and welcome Dr. Brandon J DeHart to Real Life Robotics! As we embark on this exciting chapter, we're thrilled to see the sparks fly, the bots roll, and the tech world take notice.

Get ready, tech universe – Real Life Robotics just leveled up!

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