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Real Life Robotics Joins the Accelerator Centre

Cameron Waite

Jan 9, 2023

Real Life Robotics is Proud To Join Other Notable Names In Robotics and Technology

Real Life Robotics, with a mission to elevate the human experience through robotic automation, is excited to announce it has been accepted into The Accelerator Centre at the University of Waterloo.

The acceptance to the Accelerator Centre is a significant milestone. Based in Waterloo, it’s Canada’s #1 Private Business Accelerator and among the top 5 such organizations in the world. The Accelerator Centre (AC) has a portfolio valuation of over $5 billion and has helped raise over $1.7B billion investment funds for its select group of companies.

The program includes many successful tech alumni including Clearpath Robotics, Nicoya, MioVision, and Magnet Forensics (recently acquired for $1.7B).

The invitation to join the Accelerator Centre provides Real Life Robotics with access to world-class mentorship from a network of experts in nearly every industry and discipline. The hub also provides Real Life Robotics with access to office and administration services, development space for robotic testing and research, and access to some of the best minds in robotics globally.

Real Life Robotics designs and manufacturers autonomous and tele-operated ground cargo and delivery robotics. Its flagship product, BUBS, can be utilized for a number of applications including delivery services in healthcare, agriculture, retail and food service.

BUBS is a 2nd generation robot with hundreds of hours of real-world testing and uses powerful on-board sensors and software to understand its environment, and navigate through it. Real Life Robotics’s unique approach provides clients with a white-labelled, customized robot, and can be operated using a Robot-As-A-Service model, thus allowing for an immediate impact on operational costs.

Real Life Robotics is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and works with some of Canada's largest companies to develop, implement, and realize robots at scale. Real Life Robotics also engages with federal, provincial, and municipal governments to develop compliance strategies for the adoption of this new and exciting technology..  

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