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Real Life Robotics Invited to join the Vector Institute FastLane program

Cameron Waite

Aug 10, 2023

Robots and AI? Well that makes a lot of sense.

We're excited to announce that Real Life Robotics has joined the Vector Institute FastLane program.

Vector Institute's FastLane Program: A Gateway to AI Excellence

The Vector Institute, renowned for its leadership in AI research and application, has crafted the FastLane program to fuel collaborations between AI experts and robotics companies. This program acts as a springboard, propelling these companies to the forefront of the industry by providing them with access to cutting-edge research, mentorship, and valuable resources. By joining the FastLane program, robotics companies can expect to leverage AI's transformative capabilities in their ground cargo operations.

This partnership will help Real Life Robotics accelerate our AI implementation plans and improve on our customer deliverables at scale.

Contact directly us to find out more or to see BUBS in action.

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